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Tuesday 12 December 2017 at 06:11 am.

After a period out of the spotlight Kathy, ever the survivor, came back and here is what some of the Press said about her:

“….and best of all we had Kathy Kirby back again. Looking blonder and more alluring than ever. What a pleasure it was to see her working her numbers so very professionally. It is evident that she still has a great deal to offer the business and that there is an enormous amount of affection for this talented artiste.”
The Stage and Television Today

Kathy Kirby’s appearance, for me, at the South Pier, Blackpool, was one of the greatest personal successes in recent years. I look forward to presenting her headline appearance at The Horseshoe Theatre, Blackpool, December 19th week.
Barrie Stacey

Thanks to all concerned for her recent wonderful successes in Birmingham, Southsea and Southampton. At the Greek Boy Theatre Restaurant, Worcester and the Acropolis Restaurant, Walsall.
Miss Kirby (looking just the same as ever) has lost none of her power and tone of voice. Her programme of past hits, standards and contemporary numbers had the audience in the palm of her hand for 45 minutes.
Portsmouth review

“…..they broke into cheers when Miss Kirby swept onto the stage, and when she began to belt out “Maybe This Time” they sat rooted to the edge of their seats. It was a hypnotic performance. The voice has the same astonishing range, and almost too much power. But it wasn’t the sounds so much as the presence which kept the audience’s eyes fixed on her. She didn’t appear to have grown old as other pop singers have grown old. She seemed unchanged. At the end she took four curtain calls, and one by one the audience stood up, enthusiastically clapping and callinf for more.”
The Mail on Sunday

“ She began to sing and an extraordinary thing happened. The curiosity died and instead the room filled with emotion. Kathy can still wow an audience as few others can.”
Daily Record

“………..and there it was, that great loud clear tone- making the glasses in the room rattle. Better than ever.”
The Guardian

“…..but it was Kathy Kirby who caused the tremendous excitement during the evening. Looking and sounding the superstar she still is, she breezed through her old hits, and threw in a powerful performance of “Maybe This Time”…..”
The Stage

“….. a dream in scarlet, her appearance on the star studded bill, it was Kathy Kirby who had the audience cheering for more.”
Gay News

“Kathy Kirby was moved to tears at the end with her reception.”
The Stage

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