The golden girl who time has never forgotten

Tuesday 12 December 2017 at 04:32 am.

It’s over 40 years since Kathy Kirby began the musical journey which was to make her one of the hottest properties in show business.

Today it’s over twenty years since the bubbly, blonde bombshell, with the trademark lip gloss and unique voice, sang in public.

It is a loss which her legion of fans have found hard to accept. She has become invitingly “Garboesque”, living quietly in London, but the interest in her has never dimmed, as sadly has the spotlight which shone on her and took her to the peak of her profession.

Dance On, Secret Love, I Belong, Let Me Go Lover and so many others, are still extremely popular on CD compilations and will be heard again on this site.

It is Kathy’s site. Built at her request and with her blessing, it is her way of saying to her many fans, in the words of one of her own favourite songs… “ My Thanks to You”.

Secrets, Loves and Lip Gloss

By James Harman

This is the show business biography of the year. The dramatic rise to stardom and fall to obscurity for Kathy Kirby, once dubbed The Golden Girl of Pop and the British Monroe, who disappeared from the stage and our screens over 20 years ago, and now lives a Garboesque existence after an amazing life.

No one else but James Harman, her long time friend and manager, could tell this story with feeling, emotion and devotion to a remarkable talent whose life of turmoil has more triumph, tragedy and poignancy than most fiction.

Now you can read the tributes from a host of stars and the truth behind a merry go round life and career. From the teenage singer with Bert Ambrose and his band in the late fifties to today's private and retiring existence alone, Kathy Kirby's is a story of a tremendous singing talent which suffered at the hands of the people she trusted most.

She went from a Royal Variety performance to sleeping in a shop doorway, her life in tatters after she was declared bankrupt. Homeless, friendless and penniless, this was the lady who earned £5million, represented her country in the Eurovision Song Contest, who owned fur coats and diamonds. Even her dog had a bejewelled kennel. But behind the scenes her fortune was disappearing in more than one direction.

So what went wrong for Kathy? Used and abused by many, she has survived tumultuous years which many would have not. Despite not having performed in public for over 20 years her fan base is still vast and international, and many come from younger age groups who are just discovering her talent.

The Golden Girl of Pop now sings alone, but sing she still can. Her golden voice was perhaps the only thing which events in her life could not take away. Read about those events in James Harman's amazing book, which is both a revelation of the shocking truth but still a fitting tribute to a star whose dream faded, but whose memory and legacy is kept alive in ‘Secrets, Loves and Lip Gloss'.

It's the book the stars and fans have waited so long for, and it's here on Kathy's very own web site. In the words of her biggest hit ‘Secret Love…it's ‘no secret any more'

Now in paperback!

Secrets, Loves and Lip Gloss can be purchased securely online via PayPal at Bestbooks Online

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